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About Us

MyMixedHeritage is a space where no one will ask you to choose
and where multiple belongings can exist, be cherished and thrive. 

The Full Story

A letter from our founder

MyMixedHeritage has its root in my personal experience of growing up in an inter-religious family. Being in-between Islam, from my dad's side, and Catholicism, from my mum's, has always been a fundamental part of my identity and played a huge role in my academic journey as well.


Although enriching, having a mixed-faith heritage has also often meant feeling the lack of a community and anxiety about satisfying competing faith-based expectations from my family(s). 

Therefore, MyMixedHeritage is primarily a safe social space where people with a mixed-faith heritage can meet, share similar experiences of in-betweenness and find support in each others’ stories. At the same time, MyMixedHeritage community is meant to stretch outwardly as we strongly believe that our members' perspectives can add valuable layers of complexity to today’s discourse on interfaith. as interfaith activist Katz Miller says:


“we wrestle with theology, share religious celebrations, study each other’s foundational texts(...). Interfaith is not an activity [we] go to once a month, (...), it’s an inherent feature of [our] daily lives."(Katz Miller, 2013:1)


It is just about time that we enter the discussion!

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