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When people ask me what is my religion …

Dalia El Ariny

17 March 2024

A little poem for when you feel frustrated and tired of questions about religion(s).

A Ramadan Guide for Mixed Families/Couples

Dalia El Ariny

10 March 2024

Is this your first Ramadan as a mixed couple or family? Keep reading for our tips to perfectly navigate a "mixed" Ramadan.

HELP! Ramadan and Easter are at the same time, what do we do?

Dalia El Ariny

3 March 2024

First of all, breathe! This is actually a nice thing. Both festivities are meant as moments of reflection. Some Christians fast during lent or use it to get closer to God. This is exactly what Muslims do in Ramadan. There are much more commonalities than you think!

PhD Tales Pt.3 _ The "Ah! what have I done?" phase

Dalia El Ariny

12 January 2024

When everyone of my friends already in a doctoral programme told me that the PhD would have been the most difficult thing of my life, I didn’t believe them. I thought they were just being a little dramatic. Let me tell you, they were not.

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