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The Team

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Dalia El Ariny

Founder & Director

Born in an Italian-Egyptian and Catholic-Muslim family, Dalia has always been interested in the intersection between her multiple identities.


MyMixedheritage is the result of this interplay. Dalia oversees the implementation of MMH’s strategy to offer people with a mixed-faith heritage a safe space to inhabit and cherish their multiplicity.


She is also a PhD Candidate researching on mixed-faith heritage people and on their potential contribution to interfaith discourse and policies in larger society.

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Sara Valenti

IT Advisor

Sara manages all MyMixedHeritage IT policy and strategy. Her interest in religious diversity is rooted in her personal life as her household merges together her Catholic faith and her husband’s Islamic one. 

She also holds a MSc in Computer Engineering and has more than ten years experience in IT consultancy. She now works in the education sector where she hopes to transmit her passion for technology to the new generations. 

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