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We are equipped to offer counselling sessions to education entities, businesses and public bodies regarding interfaith dialogue.

Our members are encouraged to volunteer in our events.


For information or to book a session, please send us an email at

Upcoming Talks


Dalia will present MyMixedHeritage project and her personal story as a multiple heritage person during a seminar (port talk) organised by Goodenough College. 

This is a private event for Goodenough College members.

For further details please email  

Past Talks

Schermata 2023-10-02 alle 16.34.50.png

It was a pleasure to share my thoughts on inter-faith discourse and practice during the annual event "All in Good Faith - A Ceremony of Inter-Faith Welcome" at Goodenough College.

My contribution focused on the religious ambiguity that I experienced growing up in an inter-religious family - specifically, I addressed the value of this ambiguity as an engine that generated curiosity and sincere discussions around topics of religion(s) and faith(s).

Who We Are

MyMixedHeritage is a small community that aims at connecting people with a mixed-faith background. Our events offer a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space for mixed-faith heritage people to come together and share their experiences of inhabiting multiple religious spaces at once. MyMixedHeritage members are encouraged to volunteer in our counselling events and talks for educational institutions, companies and other bodies (upcoming). 

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