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What does having a mixed-faith or interfaith heritage mean?

Strictly speaking, interfaith heritage identifies people whose parents hold different religious believes or faiths. For example, a person born from a Christian parent and a Muslim one might consider themselves as having a mixed-faith heritage. In a larger sense however, interfaith belonging might be produced in other ways. For instance, through schooling, partnership, migration or conversion. Holding a mixed-faith heritage thus identifies an individual’s familiarity and/or feeling of belonging to more than one belief system at once.

Do I need to have a mixed-faith heritage to be part of MyMixedHeritage?

No. MyMixedHeritage is open to anyone that is compelled to learn more about interfaith dialogue in today’s society. For example, among our members there are teachers and professors who are interested in our talks aimed at promoting religious inclusivity; as well as many members who are in inter-religious relationships and enter our community to share their experiences of creating a diverse space.

Are there any requirements to be part of MyMixedHeritage?

There are no specific requirements, however, a non-judgemental attitude is expected to all members of the community. No form of abuse wll be tolerated.

Is there a fee to be part of MyMixedHeritage?

No. Membership to MyMixedHeritage is free as well as the access to its resources, to our local and online meet up and events.

What does MyMixedHeritage Membership include?

Our membership includes access to a community of like-minded people where nobody will ever ask you “what are you?”. The possibility to share your experience in circles across London and online. Volunteering activities to promote interfaith dialogue (Coming Soon). Access to MyMixedHeritage forum, articles and resources. 

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