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HELP! Ramadan and Easter are at the same time, what do we do?

First of all, breathe! This is actually a nice thing. Both festivities are meant as moments of reflection. Some Christians fast during lent or use it to get closer to God. This is exactly what Muslims do in Ramadan. There are much more commonalities than you think!

HELP! Ramadan and Easter are at the same time, what do we do?

If your family has practicing members of both religious traditions, do use this period to talk about your respective religions and learn more from one another. For example, you could take turns and read the Bible/Gospel and the Quran to each other at night. Or, you could encourage one another to be more pious, for example by prompting them to attend prayers at the mosque of Fridays or to regularly go to church on Sundays. You could even accompany one another to the respective services (if this is something you’d like to do, but don’t feel forced!).

This year Easter day (the 31st of March) falls within Ramadan, this can be a bit tricky because in many countries this day is marked by a big and festive lunch - which your Muslim loved one will not be able to enjoy with you if they are fasting.


There are other ways to celebrate with your Muslim loved one. You could organise a nice couple or family activity (possibly in the morning so that the energy levels are high if the Muslim person is fasting) and then plan to have the big Easter lunch with the Christian part of the family or with friends (while your Muslim dear will probably be taking a mid-day nap!).

Remember that you have the rare privilege of witnessing a religion different than yours unfolding in the everyday. Take this opportunity to learn and why not, share this knowledge with others outside your family! Always be proud of your mixedness and enjoy Easter and Ramadan!

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