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PhD Tales_Pt1_Week 3

An impromptu PhD journal and some ideas to bring to the forum.

PhD Tales_Pt1_Week 3

Hello, hello! I'm starting this impromptu PhD journal - it's a bit of an experiment, let's see what happens.

Three weeks have gone by and I've been having fun so far. I definitely had some panicked days and moments of crisis ("do I even have a research question?" kind of crisis) but my colleagues are amazing and it's a real pleasure spending my days with them. Sharing a little picture from the doctoral school … I'm fully settled into it! (and yes that is instant coffee but Italian authorities are already dealing with me for the pineapple pizza, so it's ok).

Now - here's my first question for you folks! (following a very nice seminar on ethics I went to today).

=> "Do you always have to share with your interlocutors the findings of your research? Yes/No/it depends and why?"

Give me your opinions by commenting in the forum, I'm curious to know what you all think (regardless of your field of research or if you are doing a PhD) <3

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